NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Private Limited.

NxtGen Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Private Limited.

NxtGen works with customers in their journey into the hyper-converged hybrid compute infrastructure – Infinite Datacenter, building a digital enterprise without owning IT infrastructure. Our approach considers customer’s existing investments in IT infrastructure, specific requirements such as compliance and enabling elasticity (grow & shrink) in IT infrastructure to work in tandem with dynamic business requirements.

NxtGen provides infrastructure as a service from it’s own datacenters and/or on customer premises, allowing customers to plug their exiting infrastructure. The infrastructure is managed centrally from Bangalore & Mumbai facilities. Customers leverage NxtGen’s model to create additional capacities for new or existing applications, create DR and in the long-run leverage the model to focus only on applications and depend on NxtGen to deliver expected performance and availability at the infrastructure layer.

NxtGen delivers Cloud IaaS service from its Datacenter in Bangalore and offers choice of locations for DR services including customer’s own premise. Customers have a choice of deployment model – on premise deployment of the private cloud or hosted private cloud from NxtGen datacenter. Datacenters allows customers to host their existing It infrastructure and leverage virtualized resources. NxtGen also delivers datacenter infrastructure on-premise from it’s OPDC product range – fully integrated and centrally managed DC infrastructure specifically designed to be deployed in commercial buildings in matter of weeks.

NxtGen’s Infinite Datacenter is a state where customers have elastic IT infrastructure available on-demand, and pay-per-use, resulting in freeing IT budgets to invest in new application rollouts.

Service providers in India are focused on delivering public cloud services based on standard enterprise private cloud architectures, NxtGen pioneered cloud architecture to scale the resources horizontally and working on building intellectual property for it’s cloud architecture. NxtGen’s storage is based on SSD’s and offers unparalleled performance (see attached benchmark against other SSD storage enabled workloads).

  • NxtGen is the only cloud IaaS provider to offer an on premise cloud service that is elastic, on demand and available on a pay per use model. This service is made available to customers without any penalty clauses in case customer chooses to terminate the service at any time.
  • NxtGen offers its Cloud IaaS services from its Datacenters located at multiple locations in the country. NxtGen offers a self-service portal for customers to configure their VMs and make payments online through credit card.
  • 30 day free-trial.
  • InfiniteVault completes the need for securing the data from end-points, ensuring comprehensive offering to meet all enterprise needs at the infrastructure layer.

NxtGen offers auto-scalability for internet facing applications, without requiring it’s customers to integrate API’s into their applications. NxtGen scaled few media websites by 28 times during national & assembly elections. The auto-scalability is also used by Government Departments and for a flash sale for a popular smartphone vendor.

NxtGen collaborates with a range of infrastructure partners from the world’s leading IT companies to innovators with expertise and market presence in areas strategic to NxtGen. Through these partnerships NxtGen deploys solutions that are fully tested, validated and supported by its partners across many industries and verticals.

NxtGen has global aspirations and believes that it’s unique architecture with added advantage of managed services from India, can provide significant value to enterprises globally. NxtGen benchmarks it’s services against global service providers and delivers 3x – 4x increased value. Coupled with comprehensive managed services (well established global offering from India), NxtGen intends to compete globally with locally hosted workloads.

As per a recent benchmark report released by a third party, NxtGen offers the best price performance when compared against leading global players like AWS & Rackspace. NxtGen delivers a cloud offering that is elastic, on demand and on a pay as you go model to its customers. NxtGen is the only service provider to offer a choice of either hosted or on premise deployment of cloud services at exactly same price points there by providing enterprises a compelling value proposition