About Efftronics

Since its inception in 1985, Efftronics invested more than 1500 man-years of R&D effort in building various solutions with IoT technology. All its solutions have proven track record of 10+ years product life. With native talent, right aspirations, right intent and sincere efforts; Efftronics proved that place doesn’t matter for achieving results. Efftronics continuously upgrades with futuristic technologies & best practices thereby continuously improving knowledge and skills to develop world class smart solutions for railways, cities, buildings and industries.

Our Vision

 “To Provide Insight for Enhancing Wealth

INSIGHT – refers to TRUTH. Our vision is to develop products & solutions to the customers which provide truthful information that can optimise & improve the Business Process. The customers can take knowledgeable decisions towards Enhancing Wealth.

 Why Efftronics?

  • 30+ years experience developing end-to-end solutions
  • Follows design thinking approach to solve problems
  • From concept to service, everything under one roof
  • DSIR (Gov. of India) recognized R&D with more than 100+ skilled & innovative engineers
  • Has experience of building, deploying and maintaining one of India’s largest IoT network working in harsh Indian conditions
  • Robust and responsive service support – 250+ skilled service engineers across PAN INDIA in 110+ service centers.

 What we Offer?

End-to-End Smart Solutions for

  • Smart Signaling
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Cities
  • IoT services for Industry

Smart Signaling

We Provide Solutions to improve Safety, Punctuality & Productivity of train operations by monitoring the existing signalling systems

Since 20 years, Efftronics has designed, built and maintaining one of India’s largest IoT network for Indian Railways. The system now connects more than 60 lakh things and spreads across 9000 locations in India. Every day, more than 2 crores records are being generated. On the data, various predictive analytics are performed which has reduced accidents, improved the availability of signalling equipment, brought in punctuality and discipline in train operations which made trains run as per scheduled timings with reduced delays.

Smart Buildings

We provide IoT-based smart building solutions which will create Pleasant, Simple, Efficient & Healthier Liveable buildings

With more than 30+ years of experience in working with LEDs, Efftronics designed world class efficient LED lighting solutions for homes, commercial buildings, industries, etc. Solutions offer best-in-class lighting experience with power saving up to 80%. They are designed by considering Indian hot weather conditions. 5 years unconditional warranty and customised light design are the key differentiators. Efftronics is also part of KNX alliance which is a worldwide STANDARD for home and building control. It now constitutes 405 members from 40 countries and 65739 partners from 157 countries. Efftronics offerings include smart controls to operate all appliances remotely through web browsers and mobile apps. Efftronics is now working on connected homes concept with futuristic technologies which will disrupt the traditional living experience.

Smart Cities

“We provide solutions for Safe, Secure, Healthy, Pleasant, Efficient, Learnable, Affordable, Entertaining & Sustainable Dynamic Smart Cities”

In 2008, Efftronics designed and installed smart water distribution management system for entire Vijayawada city considering the problems faced by citizens. System has reduced water wastage by more than 25% and ensured supply of 150 liters per person every day. There is tremendous improvement in quality, timeliness and duration of water supply. Supported by real time dashboard to monitor the water distribution online, city administration were able to plan effectively. Efftronics also provides wireless traffic management solutions for cities and towns. This solution eliminates digging of roads. As it is solar powered, system works un-interrupted irrespective of power failures. Apart from that, Efftronics provide Variable Message Signage displays for guiding road commuters and motorists on traffic movements. To help Indian Metrology Department (IMD) to forecast weather, Efftronics developed automated weather stations with satellite and GPRS communication. These systems have been installed across India and now are one of the critical components of smart cities.

IoT Services

“We provide IoT services to other industries through design thinking approach”

We provide End-to-End digitization of 4M (Man, Machine, Method, Material) through design thinking approach there by enabling industries to transform into smart factories / digital enterprises.


Contact Information

Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.
40-15-9, Brundavan Colony, MG Road
Vijayawada – 520010, Andhra Pradesh
e-mail : info@efftronics.com, business@efftronics.com
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