Incarnus Technologies Pte Ltd

Incarnus Technologies Pte Ltd

Incarnus Technologies Pte Ltd is a healthcare informatics and technology company offering products and services that provide cutting-edge solutions for healthcare providers and institutions that are in the transition phase, from maintaining paper health records to electronic health records (EHR) and Hospital Information System (HIS). The organisation has focused its development efforts in offering a complete EHR/HIS solution designed to minimise medical errors, increase physician efficiency, resource optimisation, reduce costs, facilitate regulatory compliance and promote standardi­­sation of care without changing physician habits, all of which should result in higher rates of adoption. Incarnus integrated solutions provide a one-stop solution and partner of choice in the health industry, integrating patients, healthcare workers, hospitals, pharmacies, government and health funds, to build a safer, more convenient way of managing healthcare offerings. To bring this vision to life we draw together significant investment and an experienced healthcare team to work with government and professional bodies with the knowledge and expertise to understand the health system and the challenge of implementing and integrating new systems.

Arcus Air™
Arcus Air™, our state-of-the-art application, is an integrated hospital information system that facilitates the availability of health information at every department across a hospital setup. The robust functionality and specific features designed for hospitals and healthcare facilities makes Arcus Air™ a remarkable application that not only meets but exceeds the requirements. As a comprehensive healthcare information management system that computerises principal operations and administrative functions in the hospital, and clinical and residential healthcare settings, the system provides excellent clinical information to ensure patient care is always of the highest quality. From admission through discharge, Arcus Air™ will capture, maintain and distribute all relevant data with respect to a patient’s healthcare needs. While providing the functionality necessary to deliver paperless care to patients, the system will deliver the ability to manage costs and create opportunities to reduce costs in securing patients, staff resources, drugs and medical supplies.

Scalable & Quick Deployment
Arcus Air™ can be deployed quickly and is intuitive to use, but this is just the start. Its modular design and market-proven implementation methodology means it can be rolled out at a pace that’s right for you, meeting the challenges of organisational changes as they occur. Arcus unifies diverse and complex care centre networks into a single consolidated operation, while improving system efficiency and staff productivity.

Next Generation Application
Leveraging a common architecture and working in conjunction with certification standards for developed countries, Arcus can harness the collective insight of all participating clinicians across the enterprise, providing contextual insight at the point of care. Within user defined access permissions, all those involved in providing care are able to access and exchange relevant information, wherever they are across the enterprise

Global SolutionGlobal Team
At Incarnus our customers are global; our people are local and many of our core assets such as Arcus and Arcus Air™ are anchored in Asia. From inception, Arcus has been developed with a true global perspective in mind. It easily accommodates international system requirements including multi-currency, multi-language and multi-date formats as per the requisites in countries located in GCI, APAC, Europe and the Americas. Rest assured that your investment will be supported by a highly skilled and dedicated global team with extensive proven experience in innovative e-Health solutions.

Unlimited Reach Via the Cloud
Arcus can be deployed on premise using in-house servers or hosted in the cloud, integrating and managing loads of concurrent connections across multiple hospitals, clinics and clinicians, within geographic barriers.

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