Proteus Technologies Pvt Ltd

Proteus Technologies Pvt Ltd wins CIO Choice 2017 Honour & Recognition in ERP (SME)

Proteus Technologies Pvt Ltd has been recognised with the CIO Choice 2017 Honour, held at The Lalit, Mumbai on January 6, 2017. The honour was accepted by Kandarpa Baghar, CEO of Proteus, in the presence of a galaxy of more than 400 CIOs and IT decision makers representing a cross section of Indian industry.

CIO choice is in the 5th year of recognising ICT brands that have won the trust of CIOs across the country. Nominations are filtered by an advisory panel comprising of industry leaders and CIOs from various fields, including manufacturing, banking, pharma, travel and logistics, and marketing. CIOs across industry verticals recommend and refer their choice of product/brand through an online referendum process. Knowledge partner KPMG establishes the foundation for CIO Choice 2017 Recognition and Honour Title.

Proteus Technologies has been providing software solutions that meet various needs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).  Proteus ERP, Galaxy SFA for Pharma and FMCG verticals, and Proteus WMS – Warehouse Management Solution are some of the solutions that have found wide acceptance in the small and medium enterprises. The solutions are offered on the Cloud, thereby allowing MSME clients to focus on their core business, without investing in IT infrastructure.

Compared to other enterprise solutions that are mobile “enabled” solution, Proteus solutions are truly “native” mobile solution that work out of the box. Proteus ERP Solution – the winner of CIO Choice 2017 for ERP is functionality rich, GST ready modular solution. It shares vital business information across various departments through seamless integration of various functional modules.  It offers 360-degree view of enterprise to top management. It scales up as the organisation grows. It can handle incremental macro and micro business complexities with ease.

Nilay Sharma, CMO, remarked, “The award is a reciprocation of the trust that Indian CIOs have placed on Proteus and its ERP offering.” Kandarpa Baghar, CEO, while sharing his vision for the company commented, “We are releasing our new product offering that will change the way ERP and enterprise applications work, we will remove the most expensive and time consuming element namely ‘implementation’ of the solution. This new offering of ours will provide a guided intuitive setup of business process, we believe that customers know and understand their business process better than a consultant and will be able to run the solution to their needs. Proteus ERP will require no formal training to start using the solution. We could make this happen by leveraging some of the latest technology innovations.”

Kandarpa Baghar, CEO, Proteus Technologies Pvt Ltd, expressed gratitude for Proteus ERP being recognised as CIO Choice ERP – 2017 by CIOs across industries and congratulated the team members, stakeholders and other partners. He specifically thanked all existing customers who supported Proteus through all these years for their encouragement and openness in accepting newer technologies. He further reaffirmed the commitment of Proteus to offer innovative and technologically advanced solutions that will help MSME companies do business with ease.