In this new era, for enterprises to remain competitive they require unprecedented levels of coordination and agility. This is achievable only by making the business processes available closest to their customers. At Go-DB Tech, we understand this need and are laser-focused in mobility for over a decade now powering business critical applications at many Fortune 500 companies. Though we have gained 450 man years of mobility experience, we are still learning each day and are passionate to solve anything related to – Enterprise Mobility.

We are what our team is – and that includes our employees, our partner network and our esteemed customers. With over 100+ business partners, we sometimes align even with our competitors with an aim towards providing the best solution. Having worked with over 150 customers in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Consumer Goods verticals, we understand the nitty-gritty’s of extending their core as well as non-core business processes. We provide practically workable solutions for a range of mobility issues starting from the growing device fragmentation up to the seamless integration with the core systems like ERP, CRM etc.

Go-DB Tech’s solutions work even in the remotest of areas and enable organizations to increase reach. With over 100 thousand enterprise deployments and growing, we connect several Enterprise last miles seamlessly to their core systems. While our deployments presently handle an annual cumulative volume of 200-250 million transactions, we now aim to scale this to over 2 billion transactions an year.

Go-DB’s platform is also available in the Cloud under the brand “Cloware” – with several off-the-shelf apps for the sales, marketing and customer service functions of an enterprise. These apps cost as low as a mobile phone connection and work on the widest range of devices. Cloware is our answer to the exploding mobility needs of the market.

In fact we named our company to identify what we do – “Go” representing Mobility and “DB” represents Database that stores business information – that is, intelligence on the move. Customers recall us as the “specialists in mobilizing business processes outside enterprise walls”!

About the Product

Go-DB is the flagship product of Go-DB Tech, which is an industry standard Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that enables building scalable enterprise apps. The Go-DB mobility platform gives organizations a 60% jumpstart towards the overall solution, while the remaining 40% being the actual business process that is being extended.

The key components of the platform are: (a) Middleware Server that is the heart of the mobility solution connecting the core system with mobile devices, (b) Mobile Agent that is a powerful sync library with inbuilt database for offline storage, (c) Mobile App runtime for delivering unified user experience across mobile devices, and (d) the SDK that includes a visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for cross platform mobile app development.

This modularized approach enables Go-DB to support a variety of devices now in existence and yet to come in future – from entry level phones to Virtual reality goggles; Android phones and tablets; iPads and iPhones; Desktops and Laptops; POS terminals; Kiosks; Embedded devices like set-top boxes, digital cameras, televisions, etc. With Go-DB, the customer can be insured against the even changing landscape of technologies – be it native implementations in Android, iOS, Linux etc (or) their open source counterparts like J2ME, HTML5, PhoneGap, Sencha etc.

The platform has all the right components to address the needs of every team involved in mobility, be it.
The solution owners like the CXO/management that is worried about the Information Security, Reach, ROI justification.
Or, the implementation team (IT, Ops) who are concerned about Device Fragmentation, ERP integration, Scalability, Support.
Or, the end-users who need Responsive interfaces, Intuitive UI and above all – improvement to work styleBecause Go-DB is a product that was truly born out of necessity, customers constantly stretch its capabilities with ever evolving needs like tablet devices for mobile sales catalogs, Mobile phones connected to Bluetooth printers for collection receipts, Handhelds with NFC modules for visit confirmation, Entry-level phones with offline storage for rural penetration and so on.

In short, Go-DB, which was born as productivity improvement app, has now evolved into a comprehensive technology suite required to integrate enterprises with their mobile arms – tight enough to keep it seamless and loose enough to keep it flexible.

Corresponding Web Link : http://www.go-db.com.

Contact Information :

Mr. V.Sai Lakshmidhar,
Vice President,
Phone No. 044-43997700/04443997788