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Overview of Quality Testing Services at Nihilent

Testing of systems and solutions represents anywhere between 30-50% of the total cost of development.  Even after making such huge investment, most companies are not sure whether the application/product is indeed tested fully.

Testing is an expertise which requires developing a strategy, building a detailed testing process and plan along with execution, and making it efficient and repeatable using appropriate tools and techniques.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort”

Nihilent’s Testing Offering is positioned not only as a cost cutting measure but as a value added services in analyzing the test results to identify the root cause of the problems / errors and assist the client organization to sort the problem. In addition Nihilent offers assistance to clients in ensuring high reliability of the software product by using appropriate “Reliability Modeling” techniques. These are possible as Nihilent has strongly inculcated a culture of quality culture within the organization. At the same time, outsourcing of a critical but non-core function like testing acts as an enabler for organizations to maintain an up-to-date technology infrastructure and allows the organizations to focus on their core competency.

In the current emerging environment it is very important for any organization to implement any system solution within the minimum possible time and also to react nimbly to changes in business conditions. Nihilent’s offering of outsourcing of testing services using its unique testing strategy enables the organization to deliver a high quality product with the maximum value at the minimum cost. Nihilent offers the following benefits:

  • Value added services in identifying root cause of errors and assistance to resolve them
  • Ensures the quality and reliability of the product
  • Low infrastructure and manpower costs
  • Frees up key resources to concentrate on core functions
  • Results in minimum time to market
  • Minimizes testing cycle and time

Nihilent’s Testing Philosophy

  • Metrics Based Approach
    • Effective usage of Metrics like Defect Density, Error Injection, leakage etc. for
        • Quality (e.g. Minimum Residual errors)
        • Risk Assessment
        • Predictive Modelling & Risk Assessment
  • Root cause Analysis for correction
    • Identification of weak-spots in SDLC
    • Proper corrective action
    • Alignment to Business Objectives
  • Testing as a Risk Assessment & Management

Nihilent believes that the objective of testing should be to deliver a product or solution that has been completely exercised and proved to the business. It is impossible to test software to a 100% accuracy level, with the exception of small transactions. This is because new data profiles occur, which either did not exist during testing or were not thought of in the planning of testing. It is therefore the aim of testing to ensure that the software installed (applications and system) does not cause ANY business disruption and works to an acceptable level.

In the classical development life cycle, there is a stepwise decomposition of requirements, specifications, functions, and code during the build process, and the associated testing (unit, transaction, system, integration and acceptance testing).

In reality, it is expected that some degree of change will occur, as the constraints of the new environment may impose these. However, the policy should be that this change should be limited in scope and nature, requiring only modest, if any changes to the test approach to accommodate it.

Nihilent’s Testing Service Offerings

Software Testing as a Managed Service
Setting up Testing Center of Excellence (CoE)
Strategy driven mobile testing – manual, automation and performance
Optimized test tool utilization

Our unique offerings include:

Business centric testing
Business tree map technique – Test Analysis
Predictive risk modeling
Nihilent Automation Framework for Testing (NAFT)
Professional testing training