Refeel Cartridge Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Refeel Cartridge Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Re-Feel is India’s Largest Printer Cartridge Refilling & Remanufacturing network with its presence at over 100 locations across 85 cities. Started in 2007 after an extensive research on printer cartridge remanufacturing industry, Re-feel now serves over 500 enterprises across India for their day to day print requirements. At Re-feel we thrive to be technically inspired, economically sound & environmentally safe.

Re-feel aims to simplify and optimize large printer fleets by deploying scientific process and cutting edge technology. The presence at over 100 stores across India makes Re-feel the first choice for medium & large corporate having establishment at multiple locations. Uniform quality and pricing is ensured at all locations pan India.

Advantages of selecting Re-feel as your Office Print Solutions partner can be:

  • Largest network across India
  • Services tailored and customized to meet customer’s requirements
  • Nine step scientific reconditioning and remanufacturing process
  • State of art remanufacturing facility
  • Dedicated KAP – Easy ordering, quick support
  • Detailed MIS – 360 degree view of consumption
  • Centralised Invoicing – One Invoice per month for all locations
  • Automated machineries
  • Uniform Quality – Centralised training & procurement
  • Uniform Pricing – One rate contracts for all locations
  • Cutting edge tools and equipments
  • Trained manpower on job
  • Stringent QC procedures

With Re-feel, when you hit print, you can be sure that we are helping you control operational costs. Re-feel reduces your costs to procure printer consumables and also manage printers, offers you reliable products, increases your total printer output, and backs its services with one of the best standard in the business.

Bouquet of Re-feel offerings can be looked and categorized as per consumers hereunder:

CRR – Cartridge Remanufacturing & Refilling

Ideal for SOHO and few midsized companies, this service is offered through our retail network of over 100 locations across the country. Customers can bring in their empty printer cartridges to any of our store where these cartridges are remanufactured to perfection through our 9 step scientific process. The cartridges are disassembled and cleaned, and any necessary replacement parts are added. High-quality toner or ink is added, and the cartridges are tested and packaged for distribution. Customers can save up to 75% of print cost here without compromising on quality. More than 3000 customers and businesses around the nation rely on our professionally refilled cartridges for their printing needs.

CEP – Cartridge Exchange Program

An ideal service for small and medium businesses who don’t want any break, delay and compromise in terms of time, availability and quality of print cartridges. Herein pre remanufactured cartridges are sent to the consumers when required and empty one is collected back while delivering the same. So there is no time gap and tough times sending and receiving cartridges. The remanufactured cartridges supplied are of top quality and warranted to be free from defects. And yes, consumers are only charged for remanufacturing cost here. So again savings on print cost can be up to 75%. In short if you are self sufficient and in control of your printing requirement but facing tough times to fulfill your cartridge recharging needs at your one or all locations across the country then CEP is the right solution.

MPS – Managed Print Services

An average mid to large enterprise spends 1% – 3% of total revenues on print output every year. Managed Print Services (MPS) is a complete solution designed to provide today’s enterprise with a way to control and reduce those operating costs. Re-feel can be the single point of contact responsible for proactively managing your existing print environment and reducing operating costs.

MPS can be availed as Cost Per Page (CPP) or Cost Per Cartridge (CPC) service. It includes software for monitoring all networked devices, supplies fulfillment, and priority printer service and parts. This bundled, seamless solution will allow your business to identify where you can save money, run more efficiently, and maximize the value of your current devices.

Customers under MPS experience the following benefits from an early stage:

  • Reduced operating cost up to 40%
  • Improve cash flow; reduce CAPEX
  • Established known fixed per-page cost or per toner cost
  • MPS provides a complete print assessment of your organization
  • Periodic performance reviews of your environment
  • Create a “Print Strategy’ for your enterprise
  • Periodic performance reviews of your environment
  • Powerful analysis tools to proactively monitor devices through cutting edge software
  • Current status of all networked devices
  • Remotely monitors supply levels and page counts
  • Automated supply alerts and flags
  • Asset management tracking information
  • Management tools to quickly diagnose problems as they occur
  • Single click request for supplies through our website
  • Detailed MIS on the print environment helpful in taking future decisions
  • Preventative maintenance to ensure maximum device uptime
  • Reduce time managing supplies, fielding help-desk calls and thus the IT manpower
  • Reduce the amount of time I.T. spends supporting print devices

Re-feel is an ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified company and their commitment towards quality and support has helped them to get recognized many times as industry leaders, they have also been featured On CNBC, awarded as a Leading Printer Cartridge Chain, India, and Best Customer Support in 2010 and Emerging Company of The Year in 2009.

Contact Information:

Refeel Cartridge Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
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