About Blubirch

A leader in reverse Inventory Commerce, Blubirch is focused on simplifying the management, liquidation and disposition of decommissioned IT assets for enterprises. Its unique technology platform, enables tracking of decommissioned inventory from origination to liquidation, captures item level details, provides pricing guidance and connects 1000s of curated bulk buyers with the inventory owners in a transparent and trusted manner. Blubirch’s technology platform makes reverse inventory process completely transparent and efficient while taking away the execution burden from enterprises.

Multiple Enterprises are leveraging Blubirch platform along with value added services like data wipe, refurbishment etc. to unlock the hidden value from reverse inventory efficiently and speedily without worrying about on-boarding and dealing with multiple buyers. The Blubirch solution enables reuse instead of e-waste generation and optimizing recovery from decommissioned assets while ensuring full compliance with e-waste guidelines.

We would appreciate it if you could have the CMO/marketing head of your company respond to questions below:

– Please shares your experience of the CIO Choice Red Carpet Night.

“The CIO Choice awards was a great opportunity to network with our potential clients and decision makers. The award night was very organised and it also showcased companies that were working on very innovative ideas. It helped us identify other start-ups with whom we can have a collaborative partnership. We found the CIO’s to be very approachable and willing to listen.”

– How will the CIO Choice 2017 recognition be integrated into your sales and marketing strategy for the year ahead?

“The CIO Choice awards is a recognition by our potential clients that we have a value proposition that they value. Being selected by the decision makers as the best in class gives us a lot of credibility. We have appended our email to include the citation from the CIO Choice Awards, updated our Web site with the awards recognition and also included a slide in our marketing collateral to highlight the win.”


For brands who’ve also won in previous years

– What has been the growth impact for your brand and winning product with the CIO Choice recognition, in terms of revenue, financials, market share, etc?

“We are an early stage growth company and it is not possible to directly attribute financial metrics to the award. However, the key benefit from the award has been the instant credibility that it has brought us in the market place.”

– Amit Goel, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer