Instasafe Solutions Pvt Ltd

Instasafe Solutions Pvt Ltd

Instasafe Technologies ( is a leading Cloud based Security-as-a-Service solution provider delivering comprehensive and uncompromising protection to mobile and remote workers enabling them to safely and securely access enterprise apps, email, and the web from anywhere on any network.

Unlike appliance based solutions InstaSafe offers a hardware free, zero configuration, self-service style, fully redundant Security-as-Service which could be deployed in minutes with comprehensive reporting.

Instasafe Secure Access

Businesses require their employees to be Omni-productive and their applications to be Omnipresent, yet keep them secure. Traditionally, VPN-based remote access solutions are focused on an exorbitant Capex budget to buy legacy appliances and service contracts, not to mention the need for highly trained IT personnel. InstaSafe changes it all, with its simple, self-service style delivery of Secure Remote Access (SSL-VPN) through the cloud.

Instasafe Secure Access (ISA) offers a hardware free, zero configuration, self-service style, fully redundant, Security-as-a-Service solution that can be deployed in minutes and scaled instantly as per customer requirement.

Some features available in Instasafe Secure Access are:

  • Reduce Attack Surface Vector
    • InstaSafe encapsulates & abstracts all traffic with a private address and obfuscates your network from the public network with an encrypted virtual private network. This ensures your network & remote workers are invisible from the outside world & protected against DDos& other attacks.
  • Data-in-Transit Encryption
    • Each virtual network is encrypted with SSL/TLS using secure 256 bit AES keys and all traffic is routed through the nearest data centre without the need for any hardware appliance. Your application & network data-in-transit is protected end-to-end, securely routed and never stored in the cloud.
  • Multi-Layer Authentication
    • InstaSafe’s multi-layer approach ensures building high-trust with ease:
      • Organization level authentication
      • Device level authentication
      • Optional user level authentication
      • Optional MAC Binding
      • Optional One TIme Password (OTP)
    • Policy Enforcement
      • InstaSafe Policy enforcement, allows you to define and enforce access control policies across your users & network. You can now, create policies to enforce your security posture across users, devices, servers & cloud instances.
        • Write rules for source device and destination device.
        • Allow/Block across, ports, protocol ranges by specifying desired port ranges and create your custom service rules.
        • Enforce Service level ACL’s.
      • Comprehensive Reporting
        • myInstaSafe the central management portal provides system administrators & account owners to view logs and generate reports for clear visibility. myInstaSafe generates real time reports on VPN use, resource activity, failed logins, as well as other information.

Instasafe Cloud Web Security

Instasafe Cloud Web Security is the simplest and most cost-effective cloud based web security service that protects your website, web applications and web services providing your users with a safe and secure internet connection protected from threats and malware while ensuring that browsing is compliant with your policies.

Being a Cloud Service, Instasafe Cloud Web Security provides your organisation with a versatile and flexible security platform which can be created and deployed instantly without the need for expensive hardware or software.

Some features available with Instasafe Cloud Web Security are:

  • Malware protection
    • Malware are the bane of any organisation with the potential to wreak havoc in your infrastructure. Instasafe CWS works on sophisticated algorithms to dynamically detect any anomalies, inspect the files and model traffic over the net to protect your organisation from viruses, botnets, spyware, browser exploits and other advanced threats.
  • Off-Network Protection
    • With an increase in remote mobile workers accessing from different parts of the globe on open networks, it is imperative to secure the users and devices beyond the network perimeter. Instasafe CWS offers complete security for all users and their devices outside of the perimeter in a simplest and cost-effective manner.
  • Compliance Enforcement
    • Compliance to corporate browsing policy is essential to ensure a productive workforce. With Instasafe CWS, it becomes extremely simple and easy to not just define and enforce content and browsing user policies but also get alerts on non-compliance and ability to do forensic compliance analysis.
  • Data Leakage Prevention
    • Unintentional data leakage of confidential information is the weakest link in an organisation’s security. Instasafe CWS helps you with policies to control sharing of confidential information over the network thereby helping you with compliance to data security regulations and policies.

Instasafe Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services (VAPT)

Instasafe’s Vulnerability Assessment (VA) & Penetration Testing (PT) provides customers with a 360o view of the vulnerabilities and flaws present in their application code that can be exploited and measure the severity of the exploitable flaws thereby alerting them to potential threats to their infrastructure.

Instasafe’s testing experts use a combination of commercial and proprietary tools to assess customer’s applications and find the vulnerabilities (VA) and then run tests to determine the severity of these flaws (PT). We then combine custom scans and in-depth manual checks for an accurate security assessment that identifies critical risks, reduces false positives, and provides remediation guidance to address the root causes of these critical risks.


Instasafe provides VAPT services in

  • Web Application Testing Services
    • Smart automated testing on cloud
    • Zero false positive report POC with video
    • Identify OWASP, WASC vulnerabilities
    • Automated tools include both commercial and open source
    • Apart from common bugs our experts are able to find updated complex issues as well as Zero Day Vulnerabilities.
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment Service
    • Multi-Platform Reverse Engineering, File System & API Monitoring
    • Detailed Fix Information with Source Code Examples
    • OWASP top 10 mobile application security testing.
    • Integrated Proprietary, Open-Source and Commercial Tools
    • Expert Led Test-Case Driven Approach
    • Identify Design & Logic Vulnerabilities
    • Dynamic and static application testing.

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