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Seclore Technology Pvt Ltd

Seclore – Protecting Information Wherever it Travels with Data-Centric Security

Introduction to Seclore
Seclore offers the market’s first fully browser-based data-centric security solution, which enables organisations to classify and control the usage of files wherever they go, both within and outside of the organiSation’s boundaries. The ability to remotely enforce and audit who can do what with a file (view, edit, copy, screen share, and redistribute), from where (by device and IP address), and when (revoke access), empowers organisations to embrace mobility, file-sharing, and external collaboration with confidence. With over 6,000 companies in 29 countries using Seclore to protect 10 petabytes of data, Seclore is helping organisations achieve their data security, governance, and compliance objectives.

The Growing Data Security Gap
Despite spending billions of dollars on security software, organisations are still experiencing data breaches and leakage. This is because most security investments are focused on protecting devices, applications and networks, leaving organisations’ single most valuable asset—data—vulnerable. As data increasingly moves across users, applications, networks and devices, the data security gap continues to grow.
More than ever before, accelerating trends such as cloud applications, BYOD and outsourcing mean that more organisations are leaving their data exposed—and incurring tremendous risks to their internal and external stakeholders, corporate reputations and bottom line.

Only Seclore Provides Persistent Data Security

Most Advanced to Miximise Adoption
Seclore offers organisations a unique, innovative approach to protecting, controlling and tracking data wherever it goes.

  • You can automatically classify and apply granular rights to files in a single step.
  • The protection continues across devices, networks, applications, and perimeters…removing remaining security gaps.
  • Granular usage controls give organisations the ability to control exactly what someone can do with the file or data (screen share, cut/paste) even while the information is being worked on by an authorised recipient.
  • All data use can be tracked, and access to data modified or revoked after the information has been distributed.

Most Connected to Automated File Protection
Seclore is the most connected data-centric security solution in the market. With dozens of pre-built connectors and unique policy federation, Seclore automatically protects files and data as they are downloaded from major enterprise systems and applications, including from ECM and ERP systems, shared via email and EFSS and discovered by DLP. As a result, it’s quick and seamless to add Seclore to existing enterprise IT environments—and avoid the data security gap most organisations continue to face today.

Deepest Industry Expertise to Ensure ROI
Seclore combines deep industry expertise and uniquely open and scalable data-centric technology to seamlessly extend the security infrastructure across and beyond the organisation’s perimeter. The result is effortless, secure collaboration, in and outside the company, and a simplified approach to solving pressing regulatory compliance including GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST, and more.

 Our dedication and focus are why Seclore is the most adopted data-centric security solution in the world. Every day over 12 million users across 6,000 companies in 29 countries ‘seclore’ their data and files. They’ve come to rely on Seclore’s advanced, secure, and connected rights management solution to accelerate the adoption of data-centric security and to rapidly close their data security gap.

Are You Protecting Your Information Wherever it Goes and While it is Being Used?
If you are a manufacturing, banking, financial services, telecommunications or government agency, you are likely sharing sensitive customer information and intellectual property across business units and externally with third party partners. To ensure your information remains secure wherever it goes, even while it is being used, take a look at Seclore’s data-centric security product suite.

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