Sify Technologies Ltd

Sify Technologies Ltd


A Unique Telecom Journey:  From A Pioneer To A Leader

Telecom Pioneer
Sify Technologies was India’s first private Internet service provider and has since achieved major success in network connectivity. It has been the major contributor to Sify’s revenue over the years and continues to grow. Today, Sify is one of the largest integrated ICT solutions and services companies in India and meets all information technology and communication needs of an enterprise.

Thought Leader
Sify’s telecom services is a step ahead in comparison to other players, thanks to its strategy of operating in the enterprise space and focusing on building a highly resilient data network. Enterprise SMAC Net is one other differentiator; a digital architecture based on the convergence of four diverse technologies: securing the social media, seamless enterprise mobility, insights through IoT enabled analytics along with an agile, responsive network for the cloud.

Network Services
Sify network services are quite exhaustive: DC and cloud interconnect, Edge Services, Network Integration Service, Managed Network and Security, VoIP Services and Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) Services.

Sify’s India Network Infrastructure
1550+ cities coverage
3 tier hierarchical topology for better scalability
100 G capable access metro rings in 7 cities
2,800+ network nodes across India
1,00,000+ enterprise customer circuits

Sify’s International Network Infrastructure

Demonstrated Success
Sify’s most significant proof of success is the transformation of the Indian government’s Department of Posts (DoP), connecting close to 30,000 post offices across the country on a uniform network in a single MPLS network. Sify played the role of a network integrator and enables DoP to emerge as a new age logistical player with a wider reach.

Future Ready
Sify’s network is built across the challenging Indian terrain with the focus on meeting future demands of an Indian enterprise. In the emerging IT landscape, Sify expects Indian enterprises to outsource their entire IT needs including network and data centre services. In anticipation of this trend Sify has made strategic investments in setting up sub-sea cable landing station in Mumbai, as well as commissioning a 100 G capable metro network in Mumbai before extending the same across other cities. Sify has made investments in network centric services for catering to domestic data, international data, international voice, and new age services like IoT, security and other innovative enterprise products for the future.