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Who Are We ?

We are a Cyber Security Threat Management product company committed to delivering single console visibility across multiple threat vectors for organization’s critical infrastructure that is available on the internet. 


We identify the root of any vulnerability. Recognizing vulnerability at the right time can make or break an organization’s crucial operations. 


Every Threat assessment will give you a host of vulnerabilities for your organization and as an Infosec leader, you need to prioritize them and take the necessary course of remediation action against them. 


With Aquila I Cyber Risk Protection Solution, we enable a comprehensive view on all the vulnerabilities impacting your Organization’s Security Posture and help you take the necessary course of remediation action against them. 


We not only protect your organization from ongoing threats in your system but are also able to predict and take remediation action for any future threats. 

Breach & Attack Simulation

Similar to ongoing, automated penetration testing, Aquila I BAS can detect cyber defense flaws for an enterprise. In order to maximize security resources and reduce cyber vulnerability, the Aquila I BAS solution recommends and prioritizes remediation over only pen testing and red team insights. 

Key Features 

  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other hostile entities are simulated, evaluated, and validated by a cybersecurity breach simulator.
  • Breach and assault systems offer continuous coverage by integrating and automating purple teaming approaches. This provides a better visibility due to their defence readiness.
  • Malware attacks on endpoints, data espionage, and sophisticated APT attacks that target the most valuable assets can all be simulated in a breach simulation.
  • This is crucial because, given enough time, attackers can overcome any security arrangement, making continuous testing the most efficient method of risk mitigation.


Analyze Your Infrastructure Security Posture with Dedicated Dashboard

  • Identify, prioritise, and resolve security flaws in the face of a vast and continuously developing collection of attacks.
  • Technical reports analyse the simulated attacks and use standards-based risk ratings to help IT and security teams determine which mitigations and actions are most important to implement first.
  • Obtaining a report on simulations completed will help you confirm the efficiency of your endpoint security against threat evolutions.

Why Aquila I BAS? 

  • Expert Purple Teaming
  • Fastest Turn Around
  • Most Comprehensive
  • Easiest To Implement