I wish there are more such events in the industry, as it helps elevate the business relationships to a more cordial level, and benefits all stakeholders.Recognition of any sort is always welcome, as it reinforces your faith in yourself.If this recognition comes from the cream of your customers, it is much more gratifying. But most of all, if the platform on which this recognition is granted is a prestigious one, and revered by one and all, it adds business value to your organisation.CIO Choice is one such award. At Ace Data, we will use it as a badge to promote our solutions and services. Showcasing this award communicates that large organisations have tried, tested and approved our offerings, and makes it easy for new customers to try us without any fear of failure.
Neeraj Mediratta, CEO/MD, Ace Data Devices Pvt Ltd

The CIO Choice Red Carpet Night has grown into an event that the industry looks forward to year on year. I’m happy to be a part of it for the opportunity to learn from peers and network with the best in the industry.Winning organisations have the honour of knowing that their products that were recognised at the show are the best in the industry. We definitely have plans of leveraging the award and the honour that comes with it in marketing and sales collateral and presentations.
Anish Thambi, Marketing Manager, Web Performance & Security Solutions Business – India

CIO Choice is a great opportunity to network with potential clients and decision makers. The red carpet night showcased companies that were working on very innovative ideas. It is a recognition by our potential clients that we have a value proposition that they value. Being selected by the decision makers as the best in class gives us a lot of credibility. A key benefit is that it has brought us instant credibility in the marketplace.
Amit Goel, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer

It’s an excellent format to network and meet our customers, vendors, partners and prospects in one room. The overall awe of the theme mixed with the tremendous energy from the attendees makes this event lively. We will be highlight this recognition in all our collaterals, personal signature tags, website and our presentations. It builds good awareness and adds more value to the overall proposition for the brand.
Anukumar Ramesh, Marketing Director, Concur Technologies

CIO Choice platform is a covetous springboard for all IT and ICT companies in India. The CIO Choice 2017 recognition is a testimonial received from the CIO community that our solutions are proficient and are placed among the top 10% of the industry innovations. The award has imparted a strong momentum to our go-to-market strategy and a competitive advantage when we approach our prospective clients with value-added business propositions. The CIO Choice award is recognised as a quality standard and has given a great impetus to our products and solutions. Datamatics has received the award consecutively for the second year and has already seen a positive impact in the market. I am sure that this recognition will continue to help us generate higher brand recall and market share in the niche segment of Data to Intelligence as well as in the Emergent Technologies space of Robotic Process Automation. These will become perennial revenue streams for Datamatics not only in the domestic market but also in the international market.
Varad Kamini, Vice President and Head – Digital Marketing & Communications,Datamatics Global Services Ltd