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Arteria Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

In fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industries, secondary sales (distributor to retailer) data is a critical aspect for forecasting and demand planning. This functionality is also a known whitespace in SAP and typically organizations resort to collecting this data through spreadsheets from the distribution network, downloading primary sales and returns data from SAP ERP and then massaging it with Microsoft Excel pivot tables to generate the relevant reports. However, this takes days and affects the accuracy of their production plan. Arteria solutions for Secondary Sales Data Analysis automate this using a single platform and empower the organization to have accurate secondary sales data and analysis for demand planning. The solutions automate traditional methods of capturing and collation of Distributor/Dealer data (through telephone, emails, excel sheets and flat files) and significantly improve accuracy of capturing external distribution network data such as secondary sales (from distributor to retailer), inventory levels, orders, invoices, returns, capacity and forecast schedules. This enhances logistics and order management decisions by providing seamless integration of external ecosystem data and SAP ERP. The resulting business benefits are extremely cool to business managers.

Arteria’s strength lies in their innovative methodology, their expertise with SAP NetWeaver, and their global experience in helping customers use SAP technologies to grow their business using the solutions as described above.

Customers who have already invested in SAP ERP can benefit from Arteria’s Secondary Sales Data Analysis offerings, realize their investments and get maximum advantages from their existing systems as well as take advantage of the SAP NetWeaver platform.

SAP end-user organizations looking to leverage their existing investments in SAP by mobilizing access to their existing SAP Business Suite applications and also exchanging SAP information with their distributors and employees. It is important to consider mobile software solutions that have consistently delivered tangible business benefits. Examples of such benefits that Arteria customers have measured include:

  • Improvement in accuracy of forecasting and demand planning for FMCG customers such as real-time availability of accurate data (minimizing data collection through spreadsheets), resulting in 2% to 3% improvement in the bottom line.
  • A 20% reduction in finished goods inventory, by matching production with actual customer demand.

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