“CIO CHOICE” is a B2B platform uniquely positioned to recognize and honor products, services and solutions on the back of stated preferences of CIOs and ICT decision makers.

CIO Choice platform fosters collaboration between CIOs and ICT vendors, facilitating the exchange of best practices among the leaders of the world’s premiere technology driven enterprises. CIO Choice Honor Title from Centre of Recognition & Excellence is a thoughtful initiative where preferred vendors are recommended and recognized “By the CIOs, For the CIOs”.

It is a proven industry approach and first-of-its-kind in the ICT industry- one based on trust and cooperation between high performance ICT Business Leaders, CIOs & Customer Centric Vendors so they can continue to adapt and drive innovation across the enterprise. Dedicated to providing actionable value to each of the functional disciplines across the executive suite, it is driven by relevant content and engagements created by and for the CIOs.

Working to provide an accessible connect through regional, national, global, and virtual platforms, the CIO Choice B2B platform provides the first neutral space in which CIOs & Customer Centric Vendors can safely explore ways to support each other in driving role-based deliverables.