CIO Choice 2024 welcomes you to participate in India’s largest CIO survey on product, service and / or solution recognition where winners are picked by CIOs.

It will only take a couple of minutes of your time to enter. Please be sure to download the full Terms & Conditions and read the details below.

Details to Enter

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FORM Please download the form from the link provided and fill in the details as per the form requirement. Each field needs to be compulsorily entered.

CATEGORY SELECTION: You are required to select the category of recognition your product/ service/ solution falls into. This information is available in the entry form.
If your Product/ Service/ Solution does not fit any of the categories listed below, then please contact us on contact@core-mediagroup.com and we will incorporate it in the list subject to it being appropriate.

DESCRIPTION: Please enter a paragraph of no more than 100 words describing your Product, Service or Solution and its innovative/associated features.

AUTHORISATION: Please ensure that you have the appropriate permissions and are duly authorised to enter on behalf of the product, service or solution.

ENTRIES: You are allowed to fill in a single product, service or solution as one entry; however, you can fill in multiple entries using a fresh form for each new entry even if it is from the same brand, provided they are for a different product, service or solution each time.

NOTE: For assistance while filling the descriptions, feel free to contact us.CIO CHOICE 2024 ENTRY FORM

After You Enter

Send the filled in entry form to us on contact@core-mediagroup.com We will send an email to you confirming successful entry of your product, service or solution or contact you if we need any further information.

The Rules

This is a unique recognition for ICT products, services and solutions based on preferences of CIOs and ICT decision makers that you are entering. But we want to ensure this is the right thing for you and that you’re the authorised person to do this. Therefore, we request you to please read the Terms & Conditions in full.

You cannot opt out your product, service or solution once submitted. We hope you do appreciate that given the nature of the study involved; your opting out at any stage may risk the other product, service or solution in that category or even an entire category.
The entry form is an electronic contract. By submitting the on-line entry form you are committing to and signing up to the entire process and cannot withdraw at any stage.

Investments Involved

LARGE ENTERPRISES (To qualify as a Large Enterprise, the ICT vendor company needs to have > 500 employees or an Annual Turnover of > US$ 15m in the Indian geography)

Entry – US$ 1,000 + Local Taxes for Yr. 2024

If Recognised CIO CHOICE of the Year – US$ 11,000 + Local Taxes for Yr. 2024 (License Fees)

Total after Winning – US$ 12,000 + Local Taxes for Yr. 2024


Entry – US$ 1,000 + Local Taxes for Yr. 2024

If Recognised CIO CHOICE of the Year – US$ 8,000 + Local Taxes for Yr. 2024 (License Fees)

Total after Winning – US$ 9,000 + Local Taxes for Yr. 2024

Please note that the entry fee is non-refundable even if the advisory panel eliminates your product, service or solution.

Please CLICK HERE to download the full Entry Form
Please contact us on contact@core-mediagroup.com for the full Terms & Conditions


If you have any questions about the entry form and/ or the process,
please feel free to contact us on +91 22 4608 0974 or you may write to us on contact@core-mediagroup.com