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Prime Focus Technologies

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) provides unified multi-platform content operations solutions to organizations that deal with content and are keen to exploit it across platforms. CLEAR™, its award-winning combination of a hybrid-cloud technology platform and managed services increases agility within a business, driving creative enablement, cutting operating costs and is available in a pay as you grow model. Backed by a global network of studios, CLEAR™ offers a secure solution for concurrent file-based new-media, channel, distribution & delivery and library operations.

Today CLEAR Hybrid Cloud platform manages over 250,000 hours of content and more than 40,500 new episodes of TV content a year. It facilitates syndication and VoD fulfillment of over 10 million files every year and subtitling and captioning of 15000 hours.

PFT is part of Prime Focus (, a global visual entertainment services company.

About  Content Management

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) with its unique blend of Media and IT skills believes in extending the power of digitization across the enterprise – and across the content lifecycle – to production, packaging, marketing, distribution, delivery and beyond. It connects creative, legal, operations, marketing, and distribution functions within the business, putting content at the center of the organization. It unifies the entire enterprise, removing duplication and enabling collaboration.

Through CLEARTM, our Hybrid Cloud multi-screen content operations platform, PFT connects the enterprise to its content and the ecosystem. Leveraging CLEARTM Hybrid Cloud platform, the Prime Focus post production legacy and a global network of studios, PFT delivers Unified Content Operations as a Service using a global delivery model and a flexible payment structure. PFT provides managed services around CLEARTM, delivering the multi-platform content operations of the business to allow its clients to focus on creative development, PFT helps its client to manage the business of content by increasing agility, unlocking new revenue streams, enabling creativity, cutting costs, and driving operational efficiencies.

CLEARTM Content Operations offering includes a wide range of SLA-driven services, comprising:

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Application Services
  • Digitization
  • Meta Data Services
  • Content Preparation
  • Content Localization
  • Content Delivery
  • Content Packaging and Editorial Services
  • E2E Turnkey Process Outsourcing

CLEARTM enables Digitization of the Content Enterprise by connecting its suppliers and customers. The Digital Media Supply Chain physically connects the ecosystem and manages the various processes throughout the network, linking producers, post houses, broadcasters, distributors, aggregators and exhibitors across platforms.

Enabled by End-to-End Automation, CLEARTM drives concurrency within the workflows of the Content Enterprise and its ecosystem, driving efficiencies, enhancing creative collaboration with suppliers on the acquisition side, and providing agility and scale in delivering to clients.

CLEARTM Hybrid Cloud platform offers the benefits of the Cloud and provides impeccable security, workflow adaptation and flexibility, by allowing high-res assets to reside in-premise. It also makes content available instantly for any preparation or delivery workflow requirements. CLEARTM Hybrid Cloud platform has the unique ability of managing distributed content storage and workflows.

A worldwide first on its initial deployment in 2009, PFT’s Hybrid Cloud platform can be tailored to specific client needs by distributing CLEARTM Edge processors to the Hybrid Cloud locations. CLEARTM Edge can then deploy transcoding, storage, File QC, ingest, outgest, and other such processes.

CLEARTM offers integrated, multi-layered, enterprise-level Security provisions for its Unified Content Operations:

  • Content Security (Digital Watermarking and encryption, barcodes for all incoming and outgoing assets, monitoring of all assets)
  • Platform Security (content based user access, user groups and privileges, system led storage, with no direct access to assets)
  • Advanced IT Security (ISO 27001 and ITIL framework, 24 x 7 Network Monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention)
  • Physical Security (biometric access, user access control panel and monitoring, CCTV monitoring)

CLEARTM comes packaged with a full set of pre-integrated technology components. Uniquely, it has a very open standards driven framework to integrate third party tools and custom pre-existing technology investments.

  • Content logistics to upload and deliver content are managed through CLEARTM Edge and the CLEARTM portal
  • Customized Archiving through CLEARTM Archive, monitored via PrimeAssure™
  • The CLEARTM Cataloguing tool that enables metadata creation, cleansing, correction and enhancement
  • Multi-platform deliverables enabled through CLEARTM Publish
  • QC management enabled through CLEARTM QC
  • Live VoD enabled through CLEARTM Live
  • Subtitling deliverables and workflow management managed through CLEARTM Subtitling
  • Dashboards that generate reports, notifications and analytics

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