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Winner of CIO CHOICE 2013 and 2014 in GRC category– iTAX – the enterprise tax processing engine minimizes corporate risks with managed compliance and 100% governance.

Here’s why…

GRC – imperative in an enterprise

“Governance, Risk and Compliance [GRC]” encompasses corporate governance, enterprise risk management and corporate compliance. GRC activities are increasingly being integrated and adopted to actively monitor and avoid wasteful gaps and regulatory penalties Source: Wikipedia

How iTAX aids in GRC?

Udyog Software’s flagship product “iTAX “aids in implementing GRC within their enterprise for Indian taxation and its related complexity

What is “iTAX”?

iTAX is a unique enterprise tax processing engine to validate, compute and process all tax returns while ensuring complete regulatory compliance with updates. Its unique architecture provides tax localization at relatively lower cost while also ensuring that the product is isolated from changes in the ERP system

iTAX is unique because of its:

1 Complete tax planning and set-offs management
2 Accurate liability calculation by tax type
3 Always up-to-date reports and registers
4 Most comprehensive Indian tax coverage
5 Track and manage compliance across manufacturing unit and trading warehouse
6 Seamlessly integrates and transforms data from any ERP
7 Assured savings, value and ROI
8 Electronic filings and more

It provides customers the flexibility to address the taxation requirements for all tax types at Central, State and Local government levels – CENVAT (Excise) for Manufacturers and Trading units, Service Tax, VAT & CST, TDS & eTDS, EXIM, EOU and SEZ etc.

Other notable features:

  • Imports and exports data in various formats like XML, CSV, and Excel etc.
  • Secure data storage enabled for Returns Filing and Reporting
  • Flexibility of data entry, data validation and messaging
  • Robust Tax master and Formula Builder that is GST ready
  • Highly customizable to support different Industry Requirements

What do I gain with “iTAX”?

  • Complete localization of Indian Tax for all global ERPs
  • Auto updates based on Government notifications and amendments
  • Most economical and accurate for Indian Taxation. Can handle any combination of taxes, discounts and charges at both header and detail level
  • Instant processing of statutory reports based on selected time periods
  • Comprehensive framework to validate, compute/un-compute and process all returns while ensuring complete compliances with all changes in regulatory norms
  • Reduces risk of tax audits with audit-friendly versioning
  • Data Qualification, mapping and delta data capture of missing data – Eliminating repetition of work and dual entry of data
  • Flexible configuration settings to meet customer specific requirements
  • Supports ACES e-Filing out of the box

Ease of Installation – Our Solution Approach

iTAX can be interfaced with any external ERP/system and the interface can adopt both push and pull mechanisms of data transmission. The interface also accepts multiple file formats ranging from XML to flat files; while multiple file types can be processed in single/multiple batch process

Some of the integration features are:

  • Consolidates data from multiple enterprise applications
  • Includes ERP specific functional expertise and connectors
  • Minimal processing time which in turn, increases operations efficiency [cost effective]
  • Automation of business rules mandated by Govt. statutory body and/or customer
  • Log files can be generated while optional pre-alert mails can be configured, pointing to customer IDs, in case of invalid/erroneous transactions
  • Can be scheduled to operate within the customer’s given time frame

The application can be setup by plant, tax type and region and is auto-updated with changes and tax updates

Udyog software has helped in multiple successful implementations of its products to various MNCs who have extended their global ERPs to Indian operations. Most recognized of them is “iTAX”- the enterprise tax processing engine.

About Udyog Software

Established in 1993, Udyog Software is a pioneer in providing tax automation solutions to various industry verticals and is amongst the leaders in areas of tax compliance, payroll solutions, integrated solutions and ERP implementations. Over the past 20+ years, Udyog’s pragmatic approach has resulted in rapid growth enabling us to deliver solution-centric and effective, cloud based tax planning services to our clients. Known for its taxation software products, Udyog Software has more than 14,000+ customers who have invariably benefited leaving to us what we do the best – intuitive research and analysis to develop efficient software applications that automate your tax planning and end-to-end processing.

Thank You

With your support, Udyog Software’s iTAX – the enterprise tax processing engine, has won again for the consecutive year at the CIO CHOICE 2014, Red Carpet Night in the “Governance Risk and Compliance” category.

This faith you’ve bestowed is an immense encouragement to all of us at Udyog Software to work with zeal, and service towards constructing a new relationship we term – US!

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