A Person is as fast as

their Feet can move.

An Enterprise is as fast as

their Fleet can move!

At Go-DB Tech, our unwavering focus to digitize last mile business processes help our Enterprise Clients on their growth path. Our Clients become competitive with unprecedented levels of coordination and agility, when empowered in front of their customers!

Revisiting our 16-year journey – we have worked with few Fortune 500 enterprises and leaders; partnered with few passionate teams; failed many products to create few successful ones; won few awards for consistency; had few successful category innovations… and in all made several lasting relationships in the Industry.

We are what our team is – and that includes our employees, our partner network and our esteemed customers. With over 150+ business partners, we sometimes align even with our competitors with an aim towards providing the best solution. Having worked with over 350 customers in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Consumer Goods verticals, we understand the nitty-gritty’s of extending their core as well as non-core business processes. We provide practically workable solutions for a range of mobility issues starting from the growing device fragmentation up to the seamless integration with the core systems like ERP, CRM etc.

Go-DB Tech’s solutions work even in the remotest of areas and enable organizations to increase reach. With over 500,000 enterprise deployments and growing, we connect several Enterprise last miles seamlessly to their core systems.

In fact we named our company to identify what we do – “Go” representing Mobility and “DB” represents Database that stores business information – that is, intelligence on the move.

Customers recall us as the “specialists in digitizing business processes outside enterprise walls”!

About our Product(s)

Go-DB is the flagship product of Go-DB Tech (www.go-db.com), which is an industry standard Mobile Backend As A Service (MBaaS) that enables enterprise processes to be seamlessly digitized towards their internal and external ecosystems. The Go-DB platform gives organizations a 60% jumpstart towards the overall solution, while the remaining 40% being the actual business process that is being extended.

A recent award winning product is XLApp (www.xlapp.io) – which enables Business teams that use Microsoft Excel for their last mile processes to directly generate mobile app for their Excel !

We are still learning each day and are passionate to solve anything related to – Last mile Digitization especially using Mobility and Cloud.


Sai Lakshmidhar,
+91 44 43 99 77 00