Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services Pvt. Ltd.

Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services Pvt. Ltd.

Perpetuuiti, a Global Enterprise Software Products company that help organizations increase productivity and efficiency through Automation for On-Premises or Cloud Deployments, has been awarded with the CIO CHOICE2016 Honor and Recognition for its ‘Virtual Workforce Solution’ delivered through its flagship product, Ops-Central™. This 4th Annual CIO CHOICE Award has been the most competitive till date receiving a record number of 150 entries this year from a wide array of public and private ICT companies located in different parts of the country.

Being recognized as the CIO CHOICE winner consecutively for two years from amongst so many companies is a great accomplishment for us. The award becomes even more special as the jury consists of an independent panel of eminent CIOs. This is a huge validation of efforts and proves our commitment towards the evolving demands of IT customers. Furthermore, one of the world’s biggest stock exchanges uses our Virtual Workforce Solution to automate their rotes tasks for enhanced productivity and greater efficiency. This further validates our innovation and trust of CIOs. This recognition further stands a testimonial to Perpetuuiti’s consistent ability and commitment towards meeting CIOs evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment.

About Perpetuuiti

An INTEL Capital PORTFOLIO ORGANIZATION, Perpetuuiti is a global enterprise software products company focused on building software products that help organizations increase productivity and efficiency through Automation for On-Premises or Cloud Deployments.

Perpetuuiti’s integrated and modular product family supports a combination of technologies enabling solutions (built in accordance with ISO 22301 standards) for Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Robotic Software Automation (RSA), Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Business Process Automation (BPA), Organizational BCP Automation, IT Service Continuity and Availability Management, Recovery Assurance, Real-Time Auto Discovery of Application IT infrastructure and Application Interdependency Mapping, and Migration/Replication to Cloud.

Perpetuuiti’s solutions have been well-accepted and appreciated by customers, major System Integrators, Cloud Service Providers, Hosting services Providers and Consultants. Since inception, the company and its products have been receiving Industry Recognition’s by leading Global Analysts, Forums and Entities. Perpetuuiti is named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Business Continuity Management & IT Disaster Recovery Management for 2015 and also is included consecutively for the second year in the Gartner Hype Cycle for BCM and IT-DRM in 2015 and IT-SCM in 2014.

Perpetuuiti has a significant global presence with offices in USA, INDIA, SINGAPORE and UAE. The company’s customer base comprises Fortune 500 organizations from a diverse set of industry verticals such as Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance and Consumer Products.

Virtual Workforce Solution delivered through Ops-Central™ Robotic Software Automation (RSA)

Ops-Central™, a flagship gem from Perpetuuiti’s basket of offerings, provides comprehensive ‘Virtual Workforce Solution’using Robotic Software Automation (RSA).

Today’s on-demand IT requires real-time information processing. To compete, IT must rethink how it manages and automates the processes and jobs and moves towards automation of workloads to efficiently manage business events. Without centralized visibility and management, it’s difficult to manage multi-platform and multi-tier applications and its dependencies. Robotic Software Automation not only simplifies the management of IT processes, but also eliminates the need for manual intervention thereby removing human errors.

Ops-Central™ RSA has the capability of applying specific technologies to easily and rapidly automate the standardized, day-to-day IT workload related jobs to enable simpler and automated Business Processes. Ops-Central™ RSA does not require the prior knowledge of clients’ processes and can automate these processes on the fly which makes Perpetuuiti Ops-Central™ unique in the Business Process Automation market. Ops-Central™ RSA eliminates the labor-intensive manual interactions, providing an instinctive and comprehensive automation platform that automates and orchestrates key processes such as system, network, application and user tasks. It has a unified graphical command center dashboard that enhances business experience through increased real-time visibility and centralized management across heterogeneous IT platforms, which can be leveraged in order to reduce the time, cost and logistics associated with more traditional IT workload exercising. Allowing IT personnel to maintain full control over automated tasks, Ops-Central frees up time to focus on key issues that improve service levels through centralized activities across physical, virtual and cloud systems.

Key Attributes of Ops-Central™

  • Ops-Central provides a seamless automation of UI, web, windows and CLI based workload through a user-friendly web based software
  • The manual process of running the Pre-EOD/ Post –EOD jobs can be fully automated
  • Ops-Central helps in building logical workflows that can handle the complex interdependencies and conditions among dependent applications. User-friendly workflows can be built with absolutely no development efforts
  • Ops-Central provides a wide range of integration with third party ticketing applications like IBM, Tivoli, BMC, EMC Smarts, and CA Unicenter to automate the entire ticket handling process
  • Ops-Central monitors and controls the resource consumption for each of the jobs and agents to ensure high availability and maximum uptime for the IT environment
  • In case of any disruption, Ops-Central alerts through SMS, email and SNMP triggers, and also display the same on the unified dashboard so that the IT personnel can take faster decisions for mitigation
  • When any process reaches a critical decision junction requiring human judgment, Ops-Central can contact the process owner (via SMS, email, IM or phone), present the available data and wait for a response before continuing the process

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