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Rediff’s secure internet platform provides an enterprise class communication suite to businesses of all sizes. The suite comprises email, rich presence, instant group messaging and CRM tool enabling effective and faster accomplishment of tasks.Rediffmail Enterprise is a secure cloud based email solution for corporate clients.  The email architecture& infrastructure is maintained and managed by India Ltd.

Data security

Given the importance of email data, all email transactions are secured and the data is stored at a secure location.

Robust infrastructure with 99.9% uptime

Components in the network architecture have counterparts and an automatic switchover ensures that the enterprise service is up and running even if one of the components fails.

Access mails anywhere

A mobile app provides access to enterprise emails and is available for all popular mobile operating systems across device types, complete with features such as new email notifications & remote wipe.

Complete synchronization across devices

With internet access on multiple devices becoming a norm, users can sync mails across all devices and applications like outlook, webmail using complete mail sync.

Backup and restore

Rediff’s email backup solution ensures that emails are backed up as soon as they are sent or received by the user, thus eliminating the need for manual backups on a daily or weekly basis.

Advanced spam protection

An advanced spam protection mechanism  keeps the  Inbox clutter free as only genuine mails can pass the virus checks, IP check, reverse DNS, DKIM check, content filtering, user behaviour patterns, etc. before landing in the inbox.

Data leak protection

Administrators can restrict certain users from accessing mails outside the company network or allow them to access mails only on secure channels.

Hybrid setup with on premise mailing systems

A Hybrid solution combines best of both on-premise and cloud mailing solution. Users can now host some mailboxes on on-premise and rest of the mailboxes on Rediffmail Enterprise platform using the same domain.

Seamless transition

Rediff provides support to implement seamless transition from an existing service provider to Rediffmail Enterprise solution.

Customer support

A dedicated account manager is assigned to every client and along with technical customer support available on phone and email.


The Enterprise solution provides an intra-domain chat, file sharing and newsletter system thus facilitating easy communication between employees.


‘Conversations’ is a real-time messaging platform, making it easy and secure for users to converse on topics of common interest.Users can create ‘Conversations’ on the fly and invite others to contribute. Participants can also share articles, links, images and documents. ‘Conversations’ thus becomes the knowledge repository for various topics. The service addresses the issue of users having to manage multiple communication threads on related topics. ‘Conversations’ makes it easier for new members to use the platform as multiple discussions are available for their reference in chronological order. The platform also includes a search function to help users refer back to an earlier conversation.