Akamai Technologies

Akamai Technologies

Akamai provides cloud services for delivering, optimising and securing content and business applications over the Internet. As a global leader in the content delivery network or CDN services, Akamai’s goal is to make the Internet fast, reliable and secure for our customers.

The Akamai Intelligent Platform is the most pervasive, highly-distributed content delivery network (CDN) with more than 216,000 servers in over 120 countries and within more than 1,500 networks around the world. Akamai is able to manage and control routeing and delivery quality to geographically diverse users. We also have thousands of peering relationships that provide us with direct paths to end-user networks, which reduce data loss, while also potentially giving us more options for delivery at reduced cost.

Our Solutions:

Performance and Security Solutions

Our Performance and Security Solutions are designed to help websites and business applications operate quickly while offering protection against security threats.

  • Web and Mobile Performance Solutions
    • Our Web and Mobile Performance Solutions are designed to take advantage of our core content and application delivery technologies to make the Internet work better for our customers.
  • Cloud Security Solutions
    • Our Cloud Security Solutions are designed to help customers avoid data theft and downtime, as well as protect Internet-facing infrastructure, by extending the security perimeter to protect against the increasing frequency, scale and sophistication of web attacks.
  • Cloud Networking Solutions
    • Our Cloud Networking Solutions are designed to help customers boost enterprise branch office and retail store productivity by accelerating applications, reducing bandwidth costs and extending the Internet and public clouds into private wide-area-networks, or WANs.
  • Network Operator Solutions
    • With the growth in consumer adoption of Internet video and other media, carriers around the world have experienced significant traffic increases, resulting in congestion across networks from aggregation, to the backbone, to interconnection. Our Network Operator Solutions are designed to help carriers operate a cost-efficient network that capitalises on traffic growth and new subscriber services by reducing the complexity of building a CDN and interconnecting access providers.

Media Delivery Solutions

In recent years, streaming of movies, television and live events has come to represent a significant percentage of traffic on the Internet. Providing solutions to handle that media is an important part of our current and future strategy. Our Media Delivery Solutions are designed to enable enterprises to execute their digital media distribution strategies, not only by providing solutions for their volume and global reach requirements but also by improving the end-user experience, boosting reliability and reducing their cost of Internet-related infrastructure.

Media Content Delivery

Our Media Content Delivery Solutions are designed to provide fast and reliable delivery of movies, television shows, live events, games, social media, software downloads and other content across the Internet across both fixed line and mobile networks. We focus on helping media customers improve the performance of their offerings through the scalability, reliability and reach of the Akamai Intelligent Platform. Each delivery solution is optimised for the type of content being provided as follows:

  • Adaptive Delivery – We provide adaptive delivery solutions for streaming video content which are designed to cope with variable connection speeds, different devices and disparate locations around the world.
  • Download Delivery – Our download delivery offerings provide accelerated distribution for large file downloads, including games, progressive media (video and audio) files, documents and other file-based content.

Media Services

Akamai Media Services helps simplify the preparation of online media with integrated transcoding, digital rights management and content packaging designed to enable our customers to quickly and easily deliver live and on-demand content to multiple types of devices and platforms.

Media Analytics

We offer a comprehensive suite of analytics tools to monitor online video viewer experiences and the effectiveness of web software downloads while measuring audience engagement, and quality of service performance.


NetStorage is a globally-distributed cloud storage solution for our customers’ content that offers automatic geographically-dispersed replication that is designed for resiliency, high availability and real-time performance optimisation.

Service and Support Solutions

Akamai offers an array of professional services and solutions that are designed to assist our customers with integrating, configuring, optimising and managing our core offerings.

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The CIO Choice Red Carpet Night has grown into an event that the industry looks forward to year on year. I’m happy to be a part of it for the opportunity to learn from peers and network with the best in the industry.

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Winning organisations have the honour of knowing that their products that were recognised at the show are the best in the industry. We definitely have plans of leveraging the award and the honour that comes with it in marketing and sales collateral and presentations.

 – Mr. Anish Thambi – Marketing Manager, Web Performance & Security Solutions business – India