Datamatics Global Services Ltd.

Datamatics Global Services Ltd.

Company Overview

Datamatics’ core value proposition is delivering enterprise productivity and leveraging enterprise data to deliver a competitive advantage by walking its clients through their ‘Data to Intelligence’ (D2i) journey.

As an IT & BPO organisation, we help our customers convert ‘Data to Information’, Information to Insight’ and ‘Insight to Intelligence’. Our clients have benefited by gaining end-to-end operational visibility across business processes, thereby enabling better business decisions.

At Datamatics, we believe that Data forms the underlying platform on which digital transformation is based.  And digital is the combination of interconnected cloud-based systems along with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Software Robots (iBots), Mobility, Connected Devices (IoT), and Analytics.

Datamatics has a fully integrated offering to support digital transformation of organisations through Smart Processes, Smart Systems, Smart Devices and Smart Data.

Datamatics’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution

Datamatics has been successfully using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology as a key enabler to help clients in their digital transformation journey. Our solutions use iBots, which is a family of intelligent robots to offer improved business efficiency and effectiveness by emulating human actions & decision-making process and automating them, without making changes to the underlying systems and processes. Our clients across sectors have been able to realise substantial benefits with our innovative approach towards smart automation which include increased productivity, reduced cycle time, improved accuracy and compliance.

iBridge: robots for obtaining and populating information across multiple software applications

iCM: robots for content migration across multiple ECM platforms

iClass: intelligent document classification robots  that use big data and analytics

iConcile: robots for auto-reconciliation of bank statements

Datamatics Global Services Ltd.
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Business Benefits

Automation provides 100% accuracy and improves quality.

Seamless Integration
Allow your business users to automatically capture and interpret existing applications for processing transactions, manipulating data, triggering responses, and communicating with other digital systems.

Eliminate Manual Intervention
Elevate the nature of work and enhance processes by removing people from dull, repetitive tasks

Free up resources and streamline efficiency
RPA facilitates enterprise-wide collaboration, links diverse solutions, reduces processing and labour costs.

Greater Compliance and Improved Audit Trail
RPA provides streamlined processes, ensuring greater compliance and regulation, and satisfactory audit trail of user activity across systems. Robots follow rule-based processes, have same rights as humans.

Services Portfolio

  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Collaboration & Portals
  • BIDW & Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Application Development
  • Support & Testing
  • Engineering & Embedded Solutions
  • Mobility

Company Vision

To be a world class organisation for consistently delivering superior business value

Company Mission

To enhance business efficiency through smart solutions

Business Alliances

Datamatics is a strategic & trusted technology partner to leading organisations across the world, offering an array of services to help them achieve their objectives. With a mature Global Delivery model, deep architectural expertise and best-in-class technology capabilities, Datamatics enables customers to derive strategic value and maximise returns.


– Enterprise Data Management
– Embedded Services and Mobility
– BI & Analytics

Why Datamatics

  • Datamatics has a global footprint and engagement experience in over 70+ countries
  • Datamatics is the preferred partner to several Fortune 500 companies for over 4 decades
  • Datamatics is one of the fastest growing Tech Companies in Asia-Pacific, as noted in the Technology Fast 500 TM ranking by Deloitte
  • Datamatics provides domain expertise-driven technology solutions for market research
  • The company has over 8000 employees the world over
  • Recipient of the IMC-IT award 2015
  • Recipient of Most respected Software Company in Corporate Governance-5th Annual India Leadership Conclave Awards
  • The company is ISO 27001-2013 and ISO 9001-2008 certified