Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Digitisation, Smart Services, and IoT are entering the age where objects, equipment, sensors and meters will communicate with other objects and people over a global data network on a 24X7 basis. It is not “the future”. It is happening now.

Schneider Electric is the pioneer in offering IoT-based solutions to its customers. The journey started with the opening of “Services Bureau” in 2013, a 24X7X365 operations center to remotely monitor and manage critical equipment from all over Asia Pacific. Today, Services Bureau remotely monitors and manages more than 7000 critical equipment and delivers world class operational efficiencies coupled with significant reduction in operational expenses.

The Services Bureau employs cutting-edge skills, tools, processes and services to ensure that your critical infrastructure ecosystem achieves optimal performance.

Schneider Electric offers a staged approach towards the transformation of critical infrastructure environment under following broad services:

  1. Monitor: Alarm & Event Management
  2. Analyse: Reliability & Efficiency Analysis
  3. Optimize: Optimization & Risk Mitigation