Tata Communications

Tata Communications

Enterprises are embracing the challenges and opportunities posed by the deployment of private, public and hybrid cloud, supporting a mobile workforce, and the use of social networks for internal and external communications. And as far as leading enterprises are concerned, the age of Digital Transformation is already here and is now making its way to becoming a part of the core business.

As one of the front-runners in global network and connectivity solutions, Tata Communications has observed the role of the CIO shift from that of a business enabler to a driver of digital transformation by placing technology at the heart of business– helping the enterprise offer new, cutting-edge services to customers as well as optimising existing business models.

While CIOs are increasingly moving existing workloads to disparate cloud environments, teams across various business functions have to depend on third-party applications to keep up. Due to this trend, the CIOs are forced to handle a cloud that is contained in a series of opaque siloes – a complex and sometimes uncontrollable environment for IT to control. To eliminate siloes and ensure that cloud remains to be a driver and not a challenge in bringing about digital transformation, Tata Communications continues to push boundaries in making the Internet fit for business on a global scale through the creation of an open infrastructure, partner ecosystem and platforms that enable businesses to harness innovations in areas such as cloud computing, unified communications, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Today, Tata Communications runs the world’s largest wholly owned and most advanced subsea fibre cable network. This underpins the fifth largest Internet backbone globally, carrying over 25% of the world’s Internet routes. This infrastructure serves as the foundation to the platforms and ecosystems that the company has built to provide digital value to customers.

Tata Communications offers the following portfolio of services to the large enterprise segment –

  1. Network Services: Our service offering includes a comprehensive selection of networking services including IZO™ Internet WAN, IZO Private Connect, IZO Public Connect enabling enterprise cloud adoption and core network services including WAN Ethernet, Global VPN and International private lines spanning over 100 countries. On the Internet, we’re a major Tier-1 IP provider, consistently ranked in the top five telecommunications companies on five continents, by internet route. In fact, we handle more than 24% of the global internet route, totalling more than 7,300 petabytes a month. Our infrastructure features the world’s largest wholly-owned subsea cable network, 4th largest tier 1 IPv6 enabled internet and backbone, and the most extensive reach into the emerging markets around the world
  2. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC): With our modular portfolio of Unified Communications (UC) services we help companies leverage their existing assets while enabling an advanced, future-proof UC strategy that delivers seamless connectivity and a globally consistent experience for internal teams, customers, partners and other external constituents. Our UCC portfolio includes Global SIP Connect, UCaaS Skype for Business and managed video services, cloud contact center, unified conferencing including WebEx CCA in collaboration with Cisco, and real time communication APIs.
  3. Cloud, Hosting and Data Centre Services: With over 1 million square feet of collocation space in 44 locations worldwide and global partnership to extend our reach and capacity, our portfolio offers access to Colocation, Dedicated Hosting, Virtualization, IZO Private Cloud and IZO Cloud Storage solutions: a single pathway to managing multiple complex workloads and computing environments, with an integrated view. Getting the right Cloud and Data Centre solution often means contracting and coordinating with multiple suppliers around the world, working through layers of complexity and ultimately incurring additional costs. Our portfolio offers a flexible and cost efficient computing and storage options to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients.
  4. Managed Security Services: As more cloud-based services are adopted, there is a growing threat to data security and privacy, which Tata Communications helps solve for its customers. Right from end-user authentication to security critical assets in Data Centres through firewalls and threat mitigation solutions, we offer comprehensive security services partnering with the best vendors in the business and a 24/7 proactive support through our Security Operations Center.
  5. Media and Entertainment Services: Our ‘Media Ecosystem’ provides solutions for every kind of enterprise in all segments of media and entertainment, including gaming, sports, news, cable, and broadcasting. The Tata Communications’ Media Ecosystem, combines its traditional video contribution services with IP-based connectivity to create a highly innovative cloud-based global media platform. The global media ecosystem—first of its kind—provides a comprehensive solution that includes asset management, workflow management, channel origination, video contribution and distribution feeds, OTT platform as a service, Live OTT delivery, and transcoding as service.
  6. Mobility: Tata Communications focuses on services and solutions that address three related areas – Global Mobility Services; Mobile Customer Engagement; Roaming & Interconnect.
    • Global Mobility Services: We have launched Tata Communications MOVE, a technology platform from which multiple services are provided including:
      • Tata Communications MOVE – IOT Connect = cellular connectivity for cross-border IOT applications, such as connected cars, supply chain management, airlines, logistics, wearable devices
      • Tata Communications MOVE – Mobile Network Enablement = complete mobile virtual network enablement services for MVNOs and MNOs
      • Tata Communications MOVE – SIM Connect = global SIM/2nd SIM for enterprise employees to use when they travel, for global connectivity without incurring excessive roaming costs or having to access Wi-Fi for data service
      • Tata Communications MOVE – WiFi = extending WiFi data roaming across ~45M global hotspots, through a partnership with >160 companies
  • Mobile Customer Engagement: As enterprises increasingly want to engage their customers via mobile channels, we provide A2P Messaging, APIs for RTC, WiFi, Mobile Financial Services and 2-Factor Authentication. Sponsored data services, including Mobile Data Rewards and Mobile Data Gifting. Mobile LNS and OTT Video to enrich the overall customer experience and enable profitable MNO/OTT collaboration.
  • Mobile Roaming & Interconnect: we provide a complete solution for LTE/VoLTE roaming and interconnect. This includes foundation Diameter Signalling, IPX + Clearing & Settlement services, together with enhanced services – Data Roaming Boost, RoamPulse hosted roaming NOC, Managed Steering of Roaming, LTE Private Roaming Hub, VoLTE roaming trial programme.