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Foundation Of Digital Transformation
Data centre transformation (DCT) is about creating a technology operating environment that drives productivity, agility and innovation. DCT is not only about improving infrastructure or performance, but it’s about re-aligning its outcome to support business growth, to satisfy their end customer objectives. Key attributes of successful DCT defines enterprise IT as more competitive, more efficient and more agile yet more economical in the long run.

Sify’s DCT stack aims to provide enterprises’ dedicated IT platform in a cloud like consumption model. The setup will offer consolidated, rationalised, virtualised, cloud enabled and dynamically orchestrated infrastructure.

The infrastructure landscape will be setup in highly programmable and adaptable building blocks, which can be modelled as per changing business cycles or needs.

It’s no more one size fits all, hence data centre transformation cannot be a standard solution but must be highly customised and specific to the customer’s industry, business and objective, product and services, IT maturity, business and IT challenges. Hence, Sify believes in engaging with a customer as a trusted consulting partner ensuring visible positive impact on revenue, profitability and user experience at all stages of the partnership.

DCT as a flagship offering from Sify has various services under its strategic portfolio:

  • Business technology and IT landscape assessment
  • Data centre re-Alignment – Design and build, consolidate, migrate, upgrade DC infra on public/private/hybrid/managed colo delivery models
  • Data centre as a service (DCaaS)
  • Apps transformation
  • Enterprise security and operations transformation
  • Analytics, automation and innovation
  • Centre of excellence – operations transformation

Why Sify For Data Centre Transformation

  • Integrated play across network, DC, IT and security
  • Solution choices across dedicated, public or hybrid models
  • Innovative charge back models aligned to your business needs
  • Aggregation partner across OEM stack, private/public cloud (Azure, AWS, etc), acceleration (Akamai, CloudFront) and security
  • DCT along with WAN transformation can result in even better business outcomes
  • Addresses skills gaps that can stall digital transformation efforts if not worked in time
  • Capitalise on new data management technology, analytics and automation rather than subscribing as additional services
  • Highly predictive delivery approach and scalable in near real time during sudden data explosion